Incidents involving chemicals and other hazardous materials, HAZMAT and CBRN, require fast and accurate gas measurements as part of the first response. As it is not always possible to know beforehand what you may encounter in such situations, so there is need for both identification of gases and quantification of them.

Traditionally analyzing an unknown sample has required either manual sampling followed by time consuming and expensive laboratory analysis, or analysing data using complicated difficult to use delicate equipment outside of the incident in a safe area. However sometimes the situation requires quick decisions and there is no time to wait for results before taking action. A portable analyzer that can give laboratory grade results in the actual incident area can therefore be a crucial tool for first responders, helping them make informed decisions on the field.

Gasmet portable FTIR analyzers are the ideal tool for this job. They offer the capability to measure a wide variety of gases within seconds, both HAZMAT and CBRN in nature, whilst in the actual incident area and crucially, without leaving the incident area.

The technology allows the simultaneous measurement of up to 25 gases which can be displayed on a handheld PDA device giving ppm concentration levels within seconds of attending the incident. The 25 gases can be selected beforehand from our extensive library of HAZMAT and CWA gases, alternatively a laptop can be used to detect up to 50 selected gases. Multiple measurement libraries can be configured to suit various applications and scenarios and saved making Gasmet FTIR easy to deploy.

Once a measurement has been made, the data is stored, digitally time stamped, for archiving.

Sometimes however the unpredictable happens, maybe a HAZMAT gas rarely encountered before, or maybe a CWA agent that is totally unexpected. In such situations, the digitally stored data can be quickly reprocessed, at the incident, and by the HAZMAT/CBRN incident team, to identify additional unpredicted gases. Another reason why Gasmet mains or battery powered, rugged, portable FTIR analyzers are the number 1 choice for HAZMAT/CBRN incident teams around the world.